WISTERIA is the Plant of the Week

WISTERIA...need I say anything more? Really?
Wisteria is one of my all time favorite plants. Whether climbing a wall, rambling over an arbor, or trained into tree form, the vines are beautiful. I love the clusters of fragrant flowers that grace us with their presence for such a short time each year.
Yesterday I visited Red Butte Garden, in Salt Lake City, UT. It was a beautiful, sunny day. There weren't very many visitors so I was able to wander around at my leisure. I was disappointed that my trip was too early in the season; the wisteria will need more time before it blooms in all its glory.
 I did find some wisteria in full bloom at the shopping area called The District, in South Jordan, UT. It was a pleasure to behold! You should drive around your city and discover this gem. Sometimes it is growing in the most unlikely places.
Wisteria is the Plant of the Week (#plantoftheweek).

Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary

In the book The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Basil chants:

"Mistress Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And marigolds all in a row." 

I thought of this rhyme as I wandered around my yard, checking on my new plants. I've been intrigued with the idea of planting more "wicked" plants this year and creating my own version of a "poison garden."

This week I made my yearly trek to Millcreek Gardens in search of a chocolate cosmos. I was not disappointed (I planted it in my herb garden flower pot, next to the chocolate mint). I also found a black mondo grass that looks menacing and a delicate looking solomon's seal. That nursery always has a wonderful assortment of perennials to choose from. Next I visited Cactus & Tropicals where I found a fun little bonsai. Then I went to Smith's Marketplace for lupine and a jacob's ladder plant. I rounded out my tour at Glover Nursery. I was a little disappointed in the condition of a lot of their plants, however the nursery itself has had a face lift and looks nicer.

As I strolled around my yard I noticed that the forget-me-nots are in full bloom, the wild violets are just finishing their blooming, the lily of the valley is spreading, and I saw a few flower stems starting to peek out from between their leaves. My cherished monkshood (you'll have to read my book/manuscript to understand this) now has a delicate stem with promising flower buds. The blossoms of both varieties of lilacs are just barely opening up and I caught a faint fragrance. Just finishing their season, the flowering crab apple and flowering pears were very pretty this year. The spirea are covered with leaves and have just a few blossoms teasing me. A couple of weeks ago I trimmed the rose bushes with Madison's help, their leaves are coming on quickly now. The daffodils, hyacinths, and early tulips are done. The mid season tulips are starting to show color and the iris are growing their flower stems as I write. I was very tempted to buy another clematis when I saw vines with the largest flowers ever, but I somehow exercised restraint! My clematis is growing well and starting to tangle around the aspen pole ladder again. This is how MY yard is doing. How are YOUR plants doing now?

The prettiest plants in the yard right now are the forget-me-nots. I have to choose them as the plant of the week! I'm excited to see Mother Nature at work in my small Garden of Eden. We have warm weather predicted for this week and I can't wait to see what the warmth and sunshine will do for my plants.

Happy gardening!

All of these photos were taken on May 5, 2013
Plant your dreams and watch them grow!


Book Review: EDENBROOKE by Julianne Donaldson

Julianne Donaldson's Regency period romance, Edenbrooke, is a beautifully written, captivating story with charming characters and wonderful pacing. I enjoyed the plot with its elements of suspense, romance, and intrigue.

Transported through time, back to 1816, when reputation, societal rules, proper etiquette, inheritance, social class, and a good dowry were of utmost importance, I was caught up in the excitement and tension of the story. The dialogue was engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed Marianne's lesson in romance by Sir Philip. Love letters are now an art form! Who wouldn't appreciate more than just a signature on a greeting card? Men could learn a lot from the dashing, honorable, gentleman, Sir Philip Wyndham...who actually leaves Mr. Darcy wanting in a few areas!

I was drawn in by the friendship and then the romance of the lead characters.

The supporting characters were delightful, and delightfully wicked! I appreciated the wit, banter, chemistry, and flirting between the characters. The focus on emotional rather than physical relationships was satisfying and I look forward to reading more books labeled as "A PROPER ROMANCE."

From the moment I saw the cover I was captivated by the charm of the setting. From the wonderful descriptions I could visualize the lush, vibrant countryside and the elegant, grand, country estate, Edenbrooke. I want to visit its library, gardens, stables, and orchard! It seems so real to me.

While reading Edenbrooke I found myself anticipating the times when I could pick the book up again and read more of the engaging story. Julianne did such a wonderful job with her debut novel. It's a fulfilling story that I will read again...I absolutely loved it!