BOOK REVIEW: Love Under Construction

I have enjoyed reading the books in Danyelle Ferguson's Indulgence Row series: Sweet Confections and Love Under Construction. These are sweet contemporary romance stories with a cast of intelligent, sassy, and intriguing characters. I love the complexity of relationships amongst the families and friends, it makes the characters realistic. The independent nature of the main characters shows strength and encourages women to work hard for what they want. The settings draw you in; Sweet Confections bakery, Transformations and Indulgence Row are places that I would love to visit. Now I'm excited to see what happens when Mari comes to visit and we learn her story. Danyelle is creating a delightful series with many possibilities!

Windows of Heaven: THE MANOR has been submitted

After reading my manuscript again, I have edited and made several revisions. I'm very proud of Julie and David's story and hope to share it in book form in the near future. I have submitted it to a local publisher and will patiently await the response of their acquisitions team. Fingers are hereby crossed!