Quote from my blog on Tuesday April 3, 2012:
"Out in my front yard, my little wisteria tree looks so bare, unimpressive, and lonely.
But I know from past springs that, one day soon, this little tree will decide
 that it is time to show off in all its glory!"

One month after I wrote that I was on a plane headed for Italy. My wonderful little tree had leaves, and was beginning to blossom. And...I missed its "glory!"
While I was globetrotting my little tree did what it is so good at. It blossomed while I was gone. Two weeks...and too bad for me! I saw a few leftover remnants of the "glory." tree is now ready for round two! It's completely covered with those dainty leaves, and is starting to show off its second batch of its beautiful, violet colored blossoms. Happy day for me! I ran outside this morning (barefoot even!) and snapped these photos to share with you.

I love the fragrance of the blossoms!
If you pass by my tree... "take the time to smell the flowers." 
Very soon my incredible little tree will be a delight to behold.
 I look forward to being able to witness it this time!

During my outings in Italy I saw only a few wisteria vines,
and none in a tree shape.
 I guess we just didn't visit the right streets.
However, I did pass by a gorgeous bougainvillea, in Rome,
 that I captured in a photo..isn't it beautiful?

Beautiful flowers make every day so much better!
Have you seen something beautiful today?

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