A New Book to Read

I have a new book to read!
I am so excited to get started!
Guess what? It's not literally new.
I saw this book at a book store last week and had to have it.
I couldn't afford the $60.00 cover price so...I came home, checked on Amazon, and voila!...I had a used copy of the book on its way...straight to my house.
I received the copy on Wednesday. It took less than one week. Way to go Amazon seller!
Now to start reading. I'm going to pace myself, I want to savor every last bit of this book. I really expect this to be a summer-long experience. Oh, the joy of having such an adventure on the horizon...sigh.
Are you intrigued yet? What is this book that has Crystal so excited? It's a coffee table sized book titled: BARBRA STREISAND My Passion for Design.
I was in awe as I glanced through the book at the book store. Barbra Streisand is a wonderful actress, singer, director, and Broadway star. I am now impressed with her accomplishments as a photographer and designer.
The first thing to catch my eye was the exquisite cover jacket...it's gorgeous! I love the color of her clothes and the sofa...the exact match to her astonishing slate blue eyes.
Then when I opened the book there were pages upon pages of glorious pictures.  I'm so excited to start reading about her design dreams and to have a "private tour" through her California estate. The architecture is fascinating and I'm looking forward to seeing what she did with her yards and gardens.
I think it's time to read a few pages in My Passion for Design...sigh.

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