Las Vegas Trip

During Spring Break, March 25th-28th, my daughter Madison and I took a road trip to Las Vegas. It was her graduation trip and the perfect opportunity for me to do some research for my Windows of Heaven novel. We stayed three nights at The Venetian Resort Hotel, went to the Criss Angel show, and mall hopped: Fashion Show Mall, The Grand Canal Shoppes, The Forum Shops, The Boulevard Mall, and Las Vegas North Premium Outlets.  

The Venetian is grand! We enjoyed our comfortable and elegant suite with a great view of the formal gardens below. The restaurant Grand Lux had delicious food and great service too. Several retail stores and restaurants have changed since I started writing Windows of Heaven and it was good to visit the Grand Canal Shoppes to see what still works in my story. I've discovered that I need to make only a few revisions. We found another chocolatier, Godiva, creating divine looking chocolate covered strawberries and scrumptious tasting chocolate covered banana, strawberry kabobs. The jewelry store that I remembered is gone but new jewelers are there. I chose one that fits well with my story. I was disappointed that International News wouldn't work for the story; I'll have to rewrite that scene and use a gift shop in its place for the setting. I also had written  a scene with the Living Statues that I mistakenly remembered at The Venetian when in reality they were at Caesar's Palace...revision necessary for that scene too.
 After being away from Las Vegas for many years, it was fun to visit again and see the wonderful changes. The city was much cleaner and looked nicer and friendlier. I had a fabulous time with Madison and hope she will invite me to join her again on another road trip vacation.

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