Fabulous flowers have been growing and blooming in my yard this year. It has been a good year for my rose bushes. They have produced some of the most fragrant and beautiful flowers yet. My favorite bush is the Falstaff English Rose. So beautiful. The tiny Forget-me-nots were literally covered with tiny, brilliant blue blossoms. This year my violets have succeeded in establishing themselves into every single flower bed on the property! Sorry Mom (Violet), but that might be to-o-o many violets!

 Last year my pure white, Summer Phlox 'David' struggled in a bad location underneath one of the Mountain Ash trees. I transplanted it last fall and b-i-n-g-o! It's so happy this year. It has grown to almost 4 feet tall with many flower heads. I absolutely love its subtle fragrance.Thanks to my friend Nancy for suggesting that I give 'David' a try. It was also my best year for delphinium. I ordered a few plants from a fun, quirky, nursery in California named: Annie's Annuals & Perennials. The Delphinium 'Dusky Maidens' was incredible and had the largest stalk of mulberry colored blossoms. I also ordered some Dianthus arenarius with white, frilly, star burst flowers. I love it!

 In my backyard the Blackeyed-Susans are taking over their flower bed... fully established and growing too well. They make me smile. The few Mexican Feather Grass plants have turned into many. I love the way that they gently sway in a soft breeze. Then when a strong West Jordan wind comes past, they whip around like crazy. It's interesting to see!

The Spiraea vanhouttei in my backyard was breathtaking, the ones in the front yard hit their stride while I was in Italy. I missed their "full glory." In the backyard I also have four large 'Ludwig Spaeth' Lilacs. Their dark purple, fragrant flowers were majestic. The jewel in the crown has been the Wisteria tree that I keep raving about.  You need to see the size of its trunk (remember this is a vine trained to stand like a tree).

So after all of this appreciation for my flowers in my yard I ask: How have your flowers done this year? Are you happy with their performance? What do you plan to do differently next year? Are you willing to share a few tips so we can all have amazing looking yards? I did my first step today and fed some struggling plants with Miracle Grow. I hope it starts helping right away and I hope we get some good rain soon.

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