After two and a half years of hogging the family computer in the family office, my husband has put his foot down! He wants a his and hers relationship when it comes to office(s) and computer(s). Should I be offended? Or happily say "Thank You Honey!" This probably is his best idea so far to date. We each will have our own space and I won't have a Caribou over my head anymore. Yep! You read that right. A Caribou head is directly over my head as I am typing this. A Buffalo is to the left of the Caribou, and left of the buffalo is an Elk. Over my right shoulder a Whitetail deer stares back at me. A couple of Pheasants are "flying" up from the southeast corner, and a Bear lays flat underneath the Elk. I'm surrounded by manliness and nature at its finest. My great archery hunter husband will have "his" office back and we are all doing a "happy dance!" Now don't get me completely wrong, I appreciate nature...and dead animal heads (trophies)...and my husband's hunting abilities...and venison steaks. I'm just saying that this change in scenery is going to be okay with me ;)

Before I leave this office though, I need to share my most memorable moment. One night, when I was extremely tired, I was typing away...just like now. I felt something touch the bangs on my forehead. Automatic reflex...glance see a good sized spider booking it fast...right back up his silk line to a velvet covered Caribou antler! Who was more the spider? I was anxious as I finished typing for the night. I just knew that spider was going to visit me again! (Note to people without animal don't grab a flyswatter and squash a spider on the extremely expensive, velvet covered, maybe fragile now, antlers of a Caribou from the Northwestern Territory of Canada!) I'm shivering at the thought!

Back to my new office. We have spent a week cleaning out unwanted toys, clothes, and garbage while rearranging and playing musical rooms.  Each child has a good sized bedroom. We have a guestroom and now I have my very own office. Yeah!!! Now for the icing on the cake...I'm still waiting for that icing (the computer isn't fully working yet). Once fabulous, wonderful, most awesome husband ever takes care of that minor glitch, life will be considered...very good indeed.

Here are some photos of my future writing workspace. I'm anxiously awaiting my first night at its computer!

 A comfy reading corner, desk with the not quite working yet computer, and storage for my handy, dandy, reference books.

No writer's office is complete unless it has a bookshelf for some of said writer's favorite books!

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