BOOK REVIEW: After Hello

BOOK REVIEW: After Hello by Lisa Mangum

This book delivered, from the title: After Hello, to the back of the dust jacket: "What if the first day of your relationship was the only day you had?" The cover is a creative work of art. The story is beautifully orchestrated. The setting is fantastic New York City. I've experienced Times Square, St. John's Cathedral, Rockefeller Plaza, the Empire State Building and Central Park. Lisa's words brought back memories of my visit. I fully understood the assault  on your senses; the sights, sounds, smells and magnetism of this incomparable city.

The storyline had a natural progressive flow toward a satisfying and memorable end to Sam and Sara's "partnership." I appreciated Lisa's ability to start me on a journey while not making me feel as though I was led along by an author. I felt I was discovering the way alongside the characters. Lisa created some tremendous visual images with her descriptive writing. She carefully peeled away a few layers to help the reader understand Sam and Sara's true character strengths as they became honest with themselves.

God blessed me with more than a fair share of empathy. I could empathize and sympathize with the emotions the characters experienced: Sara, her dad, Sam, Paul, Rebecca, Aces, Piper, and the rest of the cast. And all within a twenty-four hour block of time. I walked away from the book feeling wonder. I want to join Sam and Sara on their next quests. I hope they will be successful and will cross paths again. I thoroughly enjoy stories that have me still thinking about them hours, days, or even weeks after reading them. I think this is one of those thought provoking stories.

My favorite quote from the book is on page 255: "I believe sometimes people come into your life at exactly the right moment to give you exactly what you need at that moment." SAM
(I believe this too!)

Life is all about the journey. WHAT IS YOUR QUEST?

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