Crystal's Wicked Garden 2017

Saturday morning I spent several hours "spring cleaning" my Wicked Garden. Sadie helped me, sort of. She gave me as much help as a dog can give, she watched! I think she enjoyed the outdoor time and sunshine as much as I did, it was a beautiful day. After cleaning up the garden I went plant shopping. That's one of my favorite things to do. I went to Red Butte Garden's annual plant sale,  the garden center at Smith's Marketplace, Western Garden, Millcreek Garden, Home Depot and Glover Nursery. I had such a great time hunting for unusual plants, black flowers, wicked sounding plant names, toxic plants and black foliage. I will probably add to this during the summer but here is a list of my 2017 Wicked Garden plants so far:

Bearded Iris ‘Before the Storm’
Black Mondo Grass
Carnation ~ mini
Dusty Miller
English Ivy
Globe Thistle
Heuchera ‘Violet Frost’
Hollyhock ~ black
Hot Pepper ‘Satan’s Kiss’
Juniper ~ Creeping
Lupine 'Thomas Church'
Narcissus ‘Thalia’
Petunia ‘Crazytunia Black Mamba’
Poppy ‘Brilliant’
Shasta Daisy
Solomon’s Seal
Spiny Bear’s Breeches
Tufted Evening Primrose ~ Moonflower
Tulip ~ Black Parrot
Tulip ‘Queen of Night’
Viola odorata (Violets)
Vinca Minor
Virginia Creeper

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