Fantastic Fall

The Best Things About Fall

Fall is my favorite season! I love everything about this season.
 Here is a quick list of fall things that are close to my heart:
    • Fall Foliage ~ Leaves changing colors, falling, & being rustled by the wind
    • Aromas ~ The smell of marigolds, mums, cinnamon, & candles
    • Apples ~ Apple butter, apple cider, apple pie, applesauce
    • Fall Fashion ~ Boots, hats, scarves, & sweaters
    • Temperatures ~ Warm days & crisp nights
    • Pumpkins ~ Pumpkin patches, pumpkin pie, & Jack-o-lanterns
    • Family gatherings ~ Harvest time, fall TV season, Football
What are your favorite things about fall?
 Take a moment to look, listen, touch, taste, smell, & enjoy fall.

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