Irresistable Smells of Fall

Fall is officially here.
This season is so welcoming on many levels.
I cannot think about fall without remembering the many aromas associated with it.
The magical, rich scent of pine needles.
The mysterious, unnerving smell of autumn dusk .
The unmistakable, woodsy smell of a fire.
The inspirational, crisp smell of fresh fall air.
The predictable, musty smell of the heater being turned on.
The welcoming, homey smell of fall scented candles. 
The anticipated, earthy smell of the harvest.
The exciting, gingery smell of fresh cookies baking.
The intoxicating, spicy smell of cinnamon and apples.
The warm, buttery smell of caramel.
The comforting, chocolaty smell of a mug of hot chocolate.
The cozy, homey smell of a thick sweater.
Fall embraces so many comforting aromas.
Which nature-inspired scents remind you of fall?
How will you help to infuse your home with the smells of fall?

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