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I love to read. I love going on the journey, adventure, or quest, and love solving mysteries! I love a happy ending and want to know: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How! Authors take us on these journeys and teach us so much about our world and life. As I continue to read more books my list of favorites will evolve and grow. Here is a quick/short list of some of my all time favorite authors. Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list. Just some of my favorites that are popping into my head as I reminisce and remember something noteworthy about their writing style, choice of words, or characters.
Jane Austen                  (Pride and Prejudice)
Holly Black                   (The Spiderwick Chronicles)
Jan Brett                       (Trouble with Trolls)
Ally Condie                   (Matched, Crossed)
Jessica Day George      (Dragon Slippers, Princess of the Midnight Ball)
John Grisham               (The Pelican Brief)
Shannon Hale               (Austenland, Midnight in Austenland)
Lindsey Leavitt             (Princess for Hire series)
Debbie Macomber        (A Turn in the Road)
Stephenie Meyer           (Twilight series, The Host)
Brandon Mull               (Fablehaven series, Beyonders series)
Mary Pope Osborne     (Magic Tree House series)
Beatrix Potter                (The Tale of Peter Rabbit series)
J.K. Rowling                  (Harry Potter series)
William Shakespeare    (Romeo and Juliet)
Nicholas Sparks             (Safe Haven)
Amy Stewart                  (Wicked Plants)
Carol Lynch Williams   (Miles from Ordinary)
My reading tastes are varied. I enjoy children's books, young adult books, and books for adults.
What you choose to read does tell about your personality. Which of the following words pertain to you and your reading material choices? Absurd, artistic, brave, contradicting, dramatic, edgy, extrovert, idealist, imaginative, independent, intelligent, introvert, loving, loyal, mysterious, observant, resilient, romantic, serious, suspenseful,  thoughtful, trendsetter, unexpected. 
Now that you have all of these authors' names and my thoughts and ramblings in your head, go ahead and select a great book to read over the weekend! I'm currently reading...and...greatly enjoying, Heather Horrocks' book: Bah, Humbug! Go ahead...pick up a book...and read! (You have my permission.)


Anonymous said...

Stefanie Meyers for Twilight series and the Host Cassandra Claire for the City of Bones series and Carrie Jones for the need series of books!... They are all more Teen ,but clean and not afraid it may get to naughty!lol


crystal said...

I get tired of all the swearing and garbage that some authors put in their books. I'm constantly on the lookout for good clean books.