Book Review: REALITY CHECK by Karen Tuft

I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic story about new college graduate, Lucy Kendrick, and millionaire entrepreneur, Ethan Glass. I found the main characters to be likeable and engaging; the supporting cast came across as quite believable. Lucy wasn't stuffy or overbearing. She was pretty, intelligent, competitive and adventurous. Just the type of girl that a handsome millionaire would want to settle down with. I appreciated how both main characters interacted with their families, and the wisdom that the family members shared. Even though the time that Lucy and Ethan had together was limited, they each felt a spark.  The plot advanced with good pacing and I found the book hard to put down. I was excited to pick it up again and continue on the journey with Lucy and Ethan. The plot was interesting and I enjoyed the different locations used for the reality show settings. I found myself cheering every time Lucy stayed true to her values and religious beliefs. I was surprised and anxious about some of the plot twists. Several times I caught myself laughing out loud (that doesn't happen very often for me) and crying in empathy (that doesn't happen very often for me either). The ending was a sweet surprise for me and I thought it was refreshing. I caught myself skimming forward a couple of times because I was so anxious to see how things were resolved. Now I need to reread the book to savor all the details!


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