Libraries are...

Libraries are wonderful places!

I love spending time in a library... any library.I am constantly amazed at the new technology being used by libraries in the Salt Lake area. It's very convenient to be able to just scan my library card at a self check out, stack my books on the check out screen thingy, get a receipt, and hurry on my way. I use the library computers to search for books and I have even taken advantage of the computer room at my local library. Being able to look up books or place a hold on books, from my computer at home, is a bonus!

My local library is Bingham Creek Library in West Jordan, UT. If you've never been to this library, you should visit soon.Here is a list of some of the things that I love about "my" library:
  • It's only about a 2 minute drive from my house (so convenient).

  • It isn't very old (everything still looks pretty nice).

  • It's always clean (even the bathroom).

  • The employees are very helpful (and knowledgeable).

  • The building is really nice (even the grounds are kept up).

  • The parking lot is great (I've never had any problem).

  • It has an incredible selection of books, movies, games, music, and periodicals.

  • I can get any book, in the Salt Lake system, delivered to "my" library location.

  • Did I mention that it's only about 2 minutes from my house!
What aspects of your local library do you enjoy most? Which library do you visit regularly?

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