Book Review: ANGELS AT THE TABLE by Debbie Macomber

As a First Reads winner I received my free advance copy of Angels At The Table from Library Thing. This is the second Debbie Macomber book that I have now read (I plan to read more!). I really enjoyed this book. It is a delightful Christmas story about prayers getting answered in God's time frame not ours.
Mischievous Prayer Ambassador angels Shirley, Goodness,and Mercy are joined by an apprentice angel, Will. During an impromptu visit to Earth on New Year's Eve, Will helps two strangers meet. When Lucie Ferrara and Aren Fairchild "bump" into each other, at midnight in Time's Square, neither was actually searching for romance. In fact according to head angel, Gabriel, they were scheduled to actually meet one year later. Lucie is a chef who has recently joined with her mother, Wendy, to open a restaurant in Brooklyn. Aren is a food critic recently hired by the New York Gazette newspaper. When Aren is sent on assignment to critique the new restaurant, Heavenly Delights, he has no idea that it's Lucie's restaurant, with Lucie cooking his meal. Aren's meal has several problems (due to the shenanigans of those mischievous angels!) Aren writes a scathing review for the paper. Lucie is furious and worried that the review will destroy her business. When Lucie eventually finds out that Aren is the critic known as Eaton Well, she is hurt and finds it difficult to forgive him; even after Eaton Well gives the restaurant a second chance and writes a second, favorable review. Lucie and Aren both have to search their hearts and extend forgiveness to the other while their relationship hangs in limbo.
I really enjoyed the interaction of the angels with the humans. The story helps to remind us that even though we say our prayers, often God waits to give us answers. Debbie did a wonderful job in writing a compelling and romantic story with believable and interesting characters. Pick up this book for a fun read for a holiday weekend!


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