Christmas Music

As I've been listening to Christmas music this week I've been thinking, actually reminiscing, about past Christmases. When particular songs play on the radio do you find yourself reliving events from your past? Nat King Cole songs really send me back in time to my childhood. I remember standing next to a record player and playing his Christmas album...over...and...over...again. I love his voice. Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas" really brings back good memories too. When I hear Elvis sing "Blue Christmas" I remember watching him act in old movies (he was sooo cool) on TV. Toby Keith has some really good songs that make me think of my husband. And when I hear "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas," I visualize my daughter at about 5 years old (She is now almost 15), dancing in her holiday dance recital. many good memories!
Are there any Christmas songs that bring back good memories for you?
I hope this holiday season is full of wonderful music and happy memories.

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