Holiday Travel

Holiday travel can be pleasant or hectic! Last weekend we made an enjoyable trip to Cedar City to visit my family, and attend my niece's baby shower. Kellie is having a baby in January and her sister, Courtney, planned a very fun baby shower. Great food, fun games, and lots of girls/ladies equals a successful shower for the mother-to-be! Our drive from Salt Lake to Cedar City went smoothly. When family members have snacks and electronic entertainment all is well. The weather was decent and the temperature wasn't too bad either. For the return trip Steve decided that the electronics needed a rest. He took the ipods, cell phone, and played Christmas music on the radio. The kids played the Alphabet Game and I'm Thinking of an Animal game. They were forced to look at the scenery and use their imaginations. Guess what? They survived the return trip without grumbling too much.

My kids get along pretty well together. How do you manage to keep everyone happy on long journeys? What are your family's favorite travel treats?

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