What is your favorite Christmas memory?

This week I was thinking about our family Christmas traditions and my memories of Christmas while growing up in Cedar City, Utah. I remember some happy times celebrating the holidays with my parents and seven siblings. We would have a nice dinner on Christmas Eve. After eating our oyster stew (requirement!) we could open one present. After a few years I found myself enjoying the oyster stew. Some family members still grumble every year about this tradition. For my little family I had to alter the tradition to just having some form of seafood (such as crab or salmon, because the other three refused to eat the stew!). This tradition honors my Dad's Danish ancestors. My husband, Steve, grew up with one present being opened on Christmas Eve, but that present was always a new pair of pajamas. We carry on this tradition for him with our children.

My Dad always read the story of Christ's birth from the Bible. Steve carries on this tradition for our family. I love sitting together near the Christmas tree while hearing about the true reason for Christmas.

When I was young I remember being so excited when we would drive around Cedar City to see the beautiful, sparkly, Christmas lights. Steve and I started a tradition with our kids; we visit Winder Dairy's store to have scones, hot chocolate, and eggnog. We usually go on a Monday night sometime before Christmas, then drive around looking for houses with wonderful Christmas lights.

Baking during the holidays brings back memories too. I loved to watch and help my mom and sisters as treats were made and then enjoyed. Now I love to bake treats with Madison's and Cameron's help.

So, what is your favorite Christmas memory? Can you narrow it down to one? I found that I have many, many memories that warm my heart and help bring the Christmas spirit into my home. 


Kniesha Grow said...

Sweet memories for me as well! My Mom and Dad changed the oyster stew to clam chowder and I carry that tradition as well! My mom would make us hot chocolate with a candy cane on Christmas morning so we do that as well. Thank you for sharing!

Crystal Memmott said...

Kniesha, I tried the clam chowder option and that got rejected too! I love the hot chocolate and candy cane tradition, it's a great idea. Happy holidays to your cute family.