BOOK REVIEW: The Hourglass Door

Book Review:

THE HOURGLASS DOOR by Lisa Mangum was a well written and intriguing story. I was drawn into the storyline, enjoyed the intricate plot and characters, and appreciated the delicate balance of fantasy, romance, and suspense.

The main characters were realistic. I could appreciate the relationship between Abby and Jason, Abby's fascination with the new guy in town, Dante, and Abby's relationship with her closest friends. The dark characters were incorporated well and I caught myself wondering what the sweet revenge will be like.

I loved the references to Dante, Shakespeare, and Leonardo da Vinci. Lisa presented a unique interpretation of time and time travel. I embraced the imagery of the river and the concept of time. I felt like I was experiencing a great adventure! Lisa drew me into the story, I kept turning pages and hurrying back to the book with anticipation.

I was disappointed when the story ended, just because my adventure was over! I look forward to reading the sequels, as soon as possible, and finding out what happens to Abby, Dante, Zo, and Leo.

 Thank you Lisa Mangum, for a wonderful adventure!

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