BOOK REVIEW: Mrs. Miracle

Mrs. Miracle is a pleasant story to read during the holidays. Debbie Macomber did a nice job with the character development and weaving several story lines together. I loved the inclusion of the recipes.

The story was a little too predictable and came to a rushed conclusion with Mrs. Miracle leaving in a hurry, saying goodbye only to the young twins. The message of forgiveness is good, but you can't force someone to feel forgiveness in their heart. I felt that Reba was justified with her anger and hurt feelings, yet Debbie had her cave in to the pressure everyone was putting on her. Reba's sister, and mother, needed to offer up more information, sooner (not waiting four years!)Snapping your fingers and saying "forgive her!" isn't realistic. The swear words and detailed love scenes were unnecessary and served to detract from the story's wholesomeness

Overall I felt compelled to keep reading and enjoyed the story.">View all my reviews</a>

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