Substituting in 6th Grade

Yesterday, I was a substitute in a 6th grade classroom for an hour and a half while the teacher left the school for a meeting. I wasn't prepared for how nice the experience would be. The teacher had taught/trained her class so well that, even in her absence, the students were incredibly polite, stayed in their seats (unless they had a specific reason for getting up), conversed with whispers, followed all of my directions, worked independently, and seemed to stay on task. Only a couple of students raised their hands needing help. The one student who got frustrated with the assignment still used a quiet voice and was pretty polite during their private argument with me about the options I suggested. One student wasn't feeling well and checked out of school right before their recess time. Overall the time went pretty smoothly.

I sat at the teacher's desk, totally in awe of the situation as it unfolded before my very eyes. It was a substitutes dream and I was the lucky one to experience it! Before I shout out my volunteer to substitute for this teacher anyday, I realize, what are the chances that this experience will repeat itself? I will probably never have such an easy time again. Come on! These were 6th graders! So I will just file the memory in my brain and bring it out to remember and analyze over and over again.
Awesome teacher? Amazing students? Probably a combination of both!

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