My 2013 Garden Bucket List

Because I'm tired of the cold weather I've started dreaming about sunshine and beautiful gardens. There are many gardens around the world that I would enjoy having the opportunity to visit. Here is the short Bucket List of gardens that I would most like to visit during my lifetime:
  • Butchart Gardens; Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  • Longwood Gardens; Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
  • Thomas Jefferson's Montecello Historic Gardens; Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Chateau de Versailles Garden; Southwest of Paris, France
  • Claude Monet's Garden at Giverny; Normandy, France
  • The Botanical Garden of Padova; Padova, Italy
  • Giusti Gardens; Verona, Italy
  • Boboli Gardens; Florence, Italy
  • Ville d'Este Gardens; Tivoli, Italy
  • Singapore Botanic Garden; Singapore
I have actually visited Montecello, but I was only sixteen at the time. I don't think I fully appreciated the significance of the garden at that young age; I would like to visit again. Even though I recently travelled to Italy, I was not able to visit the famous gardens. It would be wonderful to travel back to Italy with the gardens as a top priority.

Can you think of places that you would love to visit during your lifetime?
Make a list and see how many you can check off!

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